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Riken America’s Actymer G is a vulcanized Thermoplastic Olefin (TPV) that has become an industry leader in applications
requiring exceptional long-term performance. Developed to meet and exceed automotive specifications, Actymer G
possess excellent weatherability, compression set, heat stability, and oil resistance. Available in multiple standard grades
for quick sampling or can be modified to meet specific requirements.

  • Durometer Range: 65A to 90A
  • Color: Black & Natural
  • Processes; Injection & Extrusion
  • Key Properties
    • Superior Weatherability
    • High Heat Aging Resistance
    • Excellent Compression Set
    • Enhanced Oil Resistance
    • Adhesion
    • Recyclability

General Purpose TPV – Black & Natural

Actymer G Data Sheets

Oleflex – Black & Natural

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